Air Conditioning Inspections

Air conditioning systems can use a lot of energy, if they’re not the latest greener, more efficient models and are not regularly maintained. That’s why the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) focuses these types of systems. A ‘system’ includes all the equipment in a building which controls or lowers temperature – whether it’s one air conditioning unit or several smaller ones.


Our accredited energy assessors can do your building’s inspection for you. The main aim is to:


provide your business with information about the system’s performance

help you to identify ways to reduce your carbon emissions – as well as your costs

provide you with the inspection report you require to comply with the legislation


Who needs an air conditioning inspection?

From January 2009, air conditioned buildings with an output >250kW should have had their first inspection.

First inspections of existing systems >12kW must be completed by January 2011.

New systems >12kW installed after January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of being put
into service.


Why is it important?

While it is partly about a tick in a box – fail to comply and you will be fined – the goal of all new green legislation is twofold: reduce your company’s carbon output, which is better for the environment and save your business money.


Who is responsible for making sure you are inspected?

The person who controls the operation of the air conditioning system is responsible for making sure an inspection is done. It may be the tenant, should the building be rented out, the owner, a facilities manager or a servicing company.


What does the inspection cover?

Our energy assessor will examine all refrigeration and air movement equipment and their controls, as well as any documentation indicating how the system works or has been maintained.
The energy assessor will give their opinion on whether the equipment is suitable for the space and also advise on how to improve performance.
Access will be required to equipment in plant rooms or outside the buildings and to areas with limited access.


How and when will the inspection take place?

This will be arranged at a time suitable to your business – perhaps even outside normal working hours if that is less disruptive. The facilities manager, building manager or maintenance agent will need to accompany our assessor.


Penalties for non-compliance
Ignoring the air conditioning inspection won’t make it go away. Fail to comply and your company faces strict penalties. Failure to comply will result in fines of up to £5,000, depending on your building’s rateable value.


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